Putin's Russia Today

On the political crisis in Putin’s Russia

Did Sergei Kiriyenko decide to take advantage of the crisis in Russian politics and take up Putin’s successors? Are there any agreements today regarding the transfer of power in the Kremlin between Kiriyenko and Dmitry Medvedev?
What is the reason for the close cooperation of Mr. Medvedev with people from the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg? Is Dmitry Medvedev planning to create a new political rescue party?
And here another question begs: A party to save Russia, or a party to save its own image in the eyes of the Russian people? Is it possible that Putin himself, in connection with the growing political and economic crisis, will decide to nevertheless resign as president of the Russian Federation after the world, including Russia, declares his victory over the coronavirus?
Will Putin resign as president of the Russian Federation as one of the winners in the fight against coronavirus, and not as a totalitarian dictator who wants to remain the owner of the Kremlin until 2036? Will Putin take the chair of a lifelong senator in the Federation Council in the near future instead of a permanent presidency?
Who will be the next president of the Russian Federation after Putin? Sergei Kiriyenko, Dmitry Medvedev, or, even outwardly resembling Boris Yeltsin, Sergei Sobyanin, whom many today call Yeltsin-2 in Russia?
Questions, questions … Only time will tell.