Putin's Russia Today

What, in reality, is Putin’s Russia today?

Semyon Vendrov, Vendrov Consulting,

Today it has become quite obvious that the population of Russia no longer trusts Putin and his team in the Kremlin, all of Putin’s ratings are fake. I am sure that in connection with the growing economic crisis, the Russian people will very soon demand a change of Kremlin political elites, and Putin will simply be forced to resign from the post of president of the Russian Federation. In fact, Putin’s rude, anti-citizen, anti-democratic policies are already in complete failure. Does Putin himself not understand that the Russian people are already allergic to his completely erroneous policy, which is good for the Middle Ages and completely worthless for the 21st century?

And such people as Vyacheslav Volodin and Dmitry Medvedev, do they all not understand that they irrevocably compromised their good name with the lackey support of Putin’s anti-people and anti-constitutional policies? But wait, actually, but what is Vyacheslav Volodin all about without Putin? Is Mr. Volodin an independent political figure? Or all the same Dmitry Medvedev, where would he be without Putin? Is Mr. Medvedev an independent politician, an independent political player? Questions, questions … The rest will be shown by time.