Putin's Russia Today

On the political situation in Russia

Semyon Vendrov, Vendrov Consulting,

Today it has become quite obvious that the Putin regime is taking all of Russia, and all Russians for fools. Amendments to the Constitution, zeroing of presidential terms, erroneous economic policies leading the country to disaster – all this is, in fact, a real mockery of the Russian people. Even the most ardent supporters of Vladimir Putin today are already clearly aware that they are also deceived by the Putin Kremlin.
By his decision to remain in power in Russia, and after 2024, Putin crossed that line beyond which he would definitely be considered a real dictator, a real Russian Pinochet in the entire civilized world. What next? Will Vyacheslav Volodin and Dmitry Medvedev really want to be inscribed in history forever as accomplices of the Russian Pinochet, as agents of a dictatorial policy destructive for Russia? Questions, questions … The rest will be shown by time.