Putin's Russia Today

On the political and economic crisis in Russia

The Putin regime in Russia is undergoing a stress test today in connection with the coronavirus and the crisis in the Russian economy. Will Putin hold on to power over the next few years? Today, the political situation in Russia very much resembles the political situation in the Soviet Union in the early 90s during the reign of Secretary-General Mikhail Gorbachev. Then, as we recall, the USSR nevertheless fell apart, largely due to the fault of Gorbachev’s erroneous policy.

Will today’s Russia fall apart due to the erroneous policy of Vladimir Putin? And who will lead another, new Russia, or rather, its territory that will remain after the collapse of Putin’s Russia? Will the power general, for example, Army General Valery Gerasimov, become the new owner of the Kremlin? Or are the high Kremlin offices waiting for the new Boris Yeltsin to come to power in the country, with his own team, a team of Western liberals? Questions, questions … The rest will be shown by time.