Putin's Russia Today

What is really going on in Putin’s Russia? On the political situation in the Kremlin

Semyon Vendrov, Vendrov Consulting,

Russia needs a change in political course. Putin is leading the country to nowhere. Putin’s totalitarian, dictatorial style of government has turned Russia into an international outcast. Without a dramatic improvement in relations between Moscow and Washington, the crisis in the Russian economy will only grow. They say that today in the Kremlin many decisions in the field of domestic and foreign policy are not made personally by Putin himself but by his permanent press secretary Dmitry Peskov. If this is true, then this information indicates that Putin has practically transferred the huge layers of his work to the shoulders of Mr. Peskov. So does Mr. Peskov not understand that the further deterioration of relations between Russia and the West will lead the Russian economy to disaster?

At the time, Sergei Kiriyenko, when he was prime minister of the Russian Federation, made many political decisions for Boris Yeltsin, who was a heavy drinker in the Kremlin, and, in fact, at that time led the country instead of Yeltsin, but then Kiriyenko’s decisions were largely correct and democratic. But the decisions of Mr. Peskov are wrong, and indeed do not lend themselves to any human logic. What next? Maybe Putin should start reforms in his country by dismissing Dmitry Peskov from the post of press secretary? But does Dmitry Medvedev still have to be reinstated as prime minister of the Russian Federation instead of Mikhail Mishustin not managing his job? Questions, questions … The rest will be shown by time.